MANAGEMENT - Neomundo Centro de Convenciones
1 gestion empresarial

Business Strengthening

2 gestion financiera

Financial management

3 bucaramanga ante el mundo

Bucaramanga to the world

4 desarrollando conocimiento

Santander Developing Knowledge



In 2018, actions were implemented that strengthened the entity from the administrative standpoint, emphasizing the policy of improving income during each quarter in order to maintain self-sustainability in the company, strengthening institutional events seeking to maintain a cultural agenda in the region throughout the year and supported events of science, technology and innovation. These achievements are reflected in the monitoring of each of the dimensions outlined in the action plan.


In 2017 we maintained the seals of the Integrated System of Quality Management through the audit conducted by ICONTEC where we improved the qualification in the Norsok standard, which allowed a better organization as a company, the locative improvement strategy was consolidated for each of the rooms, it has been able to motivate entrepreneurs to develop events that provide greater impact to the regional economy and offer a cultural and social agenda to the community, we improved significantly in the financial field, managing to generate profit for the first time in the Corporation.


In 2016, a new corporate strategy was defined for the positioning of Neomundo as a regional, national and international Science, Technology, Business, Design and Entertainment Center; the organization was improved in the administrative field and started with the modernization of the infrastructure in the precincts, a financial balance was reached and the results of the advance in the implementation of the Neomundo 2016-2017 Action Plan were achieved.