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We inspire and promote the transformation of a social and cultural agenda in the region. Articulating initiatives for the development and integration of business tourism and cultural agenda for the benefit of society.
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To be recognized, competitive and innovative at a regional and national level in business, events and exhibitions within 7 years, contributing to the development of tourism in the region and promoting the Santander brand to the world.



  • Business Strengthening

    Optimization of our administrative structure and promote business development in the region, seeking productive chains that allow the integration and strengthening of different economic sectors.
  • Financial Management

    Financial sustainability strategy through the institutionalization of local events as our primary source of income, seeking to position our brand in the region and thus generate the capture of events of national and international stature.
  • Bucaramanga To the World

    Generation of a social and cultural agenda in the region and national and international recognition for the development of events and meeting tourism
  • Santander Developing Knowledge

    Development of strategies that seek to institutionalize events to promote the appropriation of science, culture, innovation and technology in the region.